Sensei Karl Naoroji

Chief Instructor of JKA New Zealand
Black Belt Qualification:  6th Dan
Special Exam rights up to 3rd Dan Black Belt
Special Qualification rights for "D" Level Licenses

Sensei Karl Naoroji  began practicing karate four decades ago, in May 1980 with the Japan Karate Association (JKA). ​

Early years were spent training in Mumbai, India and in Akita- Ken, Japan. 


Sensei Karl represented India and New Zealand in various International Championships in Asia, Oceania & around the world.  International participation  including the All Japan Karate Championships,  Funakoshi Gichin World Karate Championships and the WKF All styles World Championships.

Involved with JKA Karate for over four decades, representing  India & New Zealand.​

1989 - awarded the "Guarav Padak"  for achieving excellence in Indian sports. 1995-96,  awarded the "Shivaji Chattrapatti Puraskar", Indian state's highest sports award, having won numerous state and national Championships. In 1999, Sensei Karl relocated to New Zealand and established his first karate dojo in Auckland.  Currently the Chief Instructor of JKA New Zealand . 

Karl-sensei holds  a "Roku-Dan" (Sixth Dan) and is an internationally qualified Judge, Referee, Instructor and Examiner; qualifications achieved from the JKA Head Quarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Oct 2015, Tokyo hq granted "Special examination rights" to Sensei Karl. Sensei is the first, and only individual examiner in NZ, who can conduct JKA Black Belt examination up to 3rd Dan & qualification license testing up to D- Level for Instructor, Examiner & Judge.


Karl-sensei has been instrumental in New Zealand members achieving success at regional, national and at International championships for a number of years. He is now involved in coaching, judging and regularly conducts training seminars in New Zealand and Internationally.

Karate has always been an integral part of Sensei's life and it is his "passion". 

Sensei Lizelle.jpg

Sensei Lizelle Pelser

Timaru Branch
Black Belt Qualification:  5th Dan
B-Kyu Instructor / C-Kyu Judge / C-Kyu Examiner

South African born, Sensei Lizelle began practicing Karate at the age of 17 with the Japan Karate Association of

South Africa. In September 1993 Sensei Lizelle achieved Shodan (1st Dan).

She is passionate about Karate and in 2014 Sensei Lizelle opened her Dojo in Timaru, South Canterbury. Her knowledge of Karate and experience in competing is reflected in the results she is achieving today.


Sensei Lizelle is currently a JKA 5th Dan and is also a qualified JKA Instructor, Judge and Examiner having

passed all her qualifications under the JKA International qualifications system.

Sensei Lizelle has represented both South Africa and New Zealand in JKA and All Styles Championships including:

  • African Cup

  • Shoto World Cup Osaka 1996 – Bronze Team Kumite

  • Oceania Cup 2014 – Bronze Individual Kumite

  • Senior World Championships

  • Commonwealth Games India 2015 – Silver Individual Kumite

  • World Goju Ryu Championships 2015 – Bronze Individual Kumite

  • JKA Asia Oceania 2019 - Thailand

Sensei Gilieto Luague

Christchurch Branch
Black Belt Qualification:  4th Dan
C-Kyu Instructor / D-Kyu Judge / D-Kyu Examiner

Sensei Gilieto Luague began his karate journey at the age of 17 way back in 1969. Sensei was the youngest among the first batch of Shihan Masanori Takahashi's students in 1969 Cebu, Philippines. Shihan Takahashi was a full time instructor sent by JKA HQ in Tokyo, Japan as the representative of JKA to the Philippines. Sensei Gilieto trained six times a week, 3 times a day which Included outdoor practice every fourth night (twice a month).


Sensei's batch of 1969 consisted of more than a hundred beginners, out of which only four managed to reach black black. Two out of four of the original batch are still actively training and instructing till date and Sensei Gilieto is one of them. Amazing, having put 50 years of his life promoting karate!


During the early years of 1980, Sensei Gilieto worked in the Middle East and being there, established several Karate clubs / dojos with the support and blessings of Shihan Masanori Takashi. The organisation later extended to Saudi Arabia, Dubai and even to Abu Dhabi in the U.A.E. In 2006 Sensei Gilieto immigrated to Christchurch, New Zealand. He is a permanent employee in the capacity of supervisor at CWF-Hamilton Jet & Company. 

Sensei Gilieto's aim was always to get back to his roots, that was to go back and join JKA. In Feb 2017 Sensei Gilieto started his own dojo "JKA Canterbury" which is an integral part of Japan Karate Association of New Zealand.

In Sensei's words guided by his Shihan Takahashi ;

  • One must engage in a stable job to be able to support one's family. Karate should be considered a secondary priority and should not be the only source of living.

  • Never mix politics into karate to avoid controversy and to always maintain the standards of JKA.

  • Always abide by the "Dojo kun", engraving its meaning in one's mind and to set an example for one's students.   

Instructor Tomáš Zatloukal

Wellington Branch

Black Belt Qualification : 3rd Dan 

D-Kyu Instructor

Qualified JKA Instructor and currently the Head of JKA Wellington dojo. 


JKA Wellington is an affiliate member of JKA New Zealand.


Originally from Brno, Czech Republic where he trained and acted as an instructor in a local JKA karate club ( Now permanently residing in Wellington, New Zealand. Tomas´s been practicing karate for over 10 years.


Tomas is currently a 3rd Dan Black Belt from JKANZ having passed  San Dan in December 2020.  He is also a qualified JKA Instructor passing D-Level in December 2019.


Tomas regularly attends international and regional seminars conducted by JKA.

In April 2019 he visited Tokyo to attend annual JKA Spring karate camp organised by Honbu Dojo.

Instructor Carla Meledandri

Dunedin Branch
Black Belt Qualification : 2nd Dan 

Started karate in the USA in 2003 with Sensei David Ernst at the Washington DC Shotokan Karate Club, overseen by the late Sensei Teruyuki Okakzaki.


Carla moved to Ireland in 2004 and trained for 5 years with the Irish Shotokan Institute affiliated to JKA Afro-Eurosia under Sensei Masao Kawasoe.


Carla made New Zealand her home in 2009 and moved to the South Island. Took a break from Karate to pursue her teaching carrier as a professor of Chemistry in the Otago University.


In early 2019 Carla was back in Karate, training regularly in our JKA Christchurch branch.

Appeared and passed her Sho Dan grading in December 2019 and in May 2021, Carla opened a JKA dojo in Dunedin as an affiliate member of JKA New Zealand. 

Appu Byju_edited.jpg

Instructor Appu Geetha Byju

Auckland Northcote-YMCA Branch
Black Belt Qualification : 2nd Dan 
D-Kyu Instructor   D- Kyu Judge

Appu began learning karate with ISKF in Bangalore, India at the age of 10 and continued till he obtained his Brown Belt in 2006. At this point, he decided to shift his focus on academics, university, and work.

On arriving in Auckland in 2018, he was referred to JKA New Zealand by one of Sensei Karl's senior students. Resuming training after a 10 year break, Appu started as a white belt again. Through building on the basics, he graded for his Sho Dan black belt in June 2019, and subsequently his Ni Dan in 2020. He obtained his D-Kyu Instructor License in 2021.

In his time with the JKA, Appu has actively competed in multiple championships successfully. Having placed on the podium at the JKA North Island Championships and South Island Championships multiple times, he then went on to represent New Zealand at the JKA Asia-Oceania Championships in 2019. Most recently, he won the Senior Men's Intermediate Kata at the NZ Cup hosted by Karate NZ in July 2021.

Appu travels across New Zealand attending gasshukus (training camps) in multiple cities to further his own knowledge and improve his techniques. As an instructor at the North Shore Dojo, Appu enjoys with students and passing on what he has learnt. He is a passionate teacher who finds himself growing through each interaction.